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26 & Married?

The days when young couples get married and start having children at the tender age of 18 have long gone. Welcome, to 2021, where marriages are becoming few and sometimes lasting only shy of 90 days. Acording to a recent Loveawake dating site study MARRIAGE seems to be less popular with Americans now more than ever in the past.

Even couples who have been dating for years and who are in love are waiting to get married longer and sometimes just opting to live together instead of walking down the aisle. When did marriage become non-important?

I think for the most part we can blame our fast paced society. How can marriage be respected in a society where the new becomes old within weeks let alone years? When living in a generation that relies on technology and social media to keep our attention, who needs a significant other? More so, who needs a significant other at the sensitive age of 26?

I haven’t been married over 20 years, I haven’t even been married over 2 years but I can share a few pointers with those who are 26 and thinking about MARRIAGE. There are so many misconceptions about marriage.

The #1 misconception that I cannot stand is the misconception that once you are married your life is over. In my opinion, this is the dumbest misconception ever. To begin with before you enter into a marriage, you should make sure that your partner is someone who you can do any and everything with. If you enjoy going to parties make sure that your partner does not mind going to that party with you. Or, if you go to church every week make sure that your partner goes to church as well.

Single dudes and single women always think that once they get married they are retiring from all things that might be considered fun. This is not true. The truth is marriage can be very fun.  All of the things you enjoyed before getting married, like traveling, partying or making hot and fabulous love. All that good stuff can be transferred into your marriage. The only difference is that you’ll be doing all that stuff with the same person. The same person? Yes, the same person. If you’ve done a good job at choosing a person whose company you never get tired of, you’re straight. If not, then you won’t be straight and that’s another discussion to write about for another day.  It’s actually better because you now have a permanent partner or a ride or die as some would say. Someone who’s always on your team that always takes your side and always has your back.

The #2 misconception is the idea that, as long as you love each other, everything will work out. This is so false. Love does not make everything alright. Love does not pay the bills.  Love does not make that baby stop crying when you come home from a long day at work. Let’s be real love is just not enough folks.

If love doesn’t inspire action, the words are worthless. The reality is, sometimes, you’re not going to feel very happy or ready to make hot and sweaty love. There are plenty of times where your partner won’t meet your expectations or will make you as angry as you can possibly be. In those times, despite how you’re feeling, you still have to choose to love them, and fulfill the commitments you’ve made to them in front of that alter.

You have to have a strong foundation going into the marriage. A bond that consists more then love. If not there is a good chance that your marriage will fail.

Also, getting married doesn’t change people, it exposes people. When you are dating you can hide the little annoying facts about yourself. But, when you are married you cannot hide anything.

The honest truth is that you can be young, married, successful, happy and in love at any age. As long as you know that what you put into a marriage is what you get out and you can not have unrealistic expectations. Or else, you will have an unrealistic marriage. Yes, its 2021 people but love is love and marriage is marriage. When it comes to love and commitment nothing has changed from 1962 to 2021. The only thing that has changed is what celebrity we choose to gossip about.

True confessions of a 26 year old. I’m proud to confess> I’m 26 and Married in 2021!

I hope you enjoyed!